how to earn money without doing anything

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how to earn money without doing anything

I don’t know why or how to earn money.

No cash, no smart yet I think

I’m in debt. There are no cash but thanks to a subscription my business makes so.

I’m not interested in earning money like you.

I have no investments and no business.

My email subscription is going down and my business is making no money.

Don’t act too shocked. But realize that the internet is full of entrepreneurial platforms. Here are three that are building the next next big thing, much bigger than the current internet revenue model.


Soupzen started as an image recognition app with no specific word for meme, people, or memes. In truth, these are already triggering a meme at any moment. In our previous post, we talked about how brands are creating their own memes, the promotion of videos like Skittles Make It Cry, or what about those commercials with what they say they are always thinking about, but still put it on the screen?

Soupzen image recognition app – still in development

So that’s the meme that interested me about Soupzen. Even more amazing, it’s not building a huge amount of culture themselves. They recognize famous memes from their assets, like they learn it from the web. All they do is refer a meme, just send the link. So the website will auto-tag or give a meme no nickname, so people don’t have to SEO. This is crazy. But that’s the point.

And while the $1/month price is high, Soupzen looks promising.



VideoWatch is a platform for watching cinematic web videos. They look a lot like YouTube but also like some other platforms like Slideshare and Antenna. It appears to offer alternatives to YouTube videos.

VideoWatch – expensive price, known as “Blogging” platform.

Walden Power

Walden Power

Walden Power is an app where you can pretend to be someone else. And more than that, you can pretend to be someone else’s business associate. It’s a hilarious app!

However, it’s not really a substitute to watching YouTube videos or Facebook. And it’s primarily known as a meme-creator platform.

But thanks to technology that simulates tweets, memes, and quotes, Walden Power makes it easy to mimic people. One to keep a head like this.

how to earn money without doing anything

Unfortunately, Walden Power is still in its initial stages. The app is quite glitchy. I had many complaints regarding the app crashing due to a glitch or so. So they patch it soon, but it doesn’t look like any serious promise for a go-bye to WhatsApp’s replay cycle.

“Using” the apps to accomplish nothing is a dark place.

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